The Work consists of Subgrade Preparation in Earth Cut & Road Cut, Formation of Embankment from Roadway Excavation & Borrow Excavation, Roadway Excavation, Compaction of Natural Ground, Removal of Trees, Clearing & Grubbing, Asphaltic Base Course, Water Bound Macadam Base Course, Granular Sub Base Course using Pit Run Gravel, Double bituminous Surface Treatment, Asphaltic Wearing Course, Bituminous Tack Coat, Bituminous Prime Coat, Structural backfill using Common Material, Providing and Laying stone pitching / filling, Supply & fabricate M.S. reinforcement for cement concrete (Grade 60), RCC in roof slab, beam, column & other structural members, in situ or precast, 

Plain Cement Concrete including placing, compacting, finishing & curing, Random rubble masonry, Steel Post of Metal Guard Rail, Road signs etc at Circular Bypass Road Bannu.

Construction of Circular Bypass Road Bannu

Value (Rs.) 1150 Million
Date 2019 - 2021
Category Infrastructure