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Name of Contract: Construction of Protection Structure on R/S of Kabul River U/S and D/S Nowshera Mardan Road Bridge District Nowshera

Value (Rs.) Million: 2787.706

Date of Start: Oct 2016

Completed: 70%

Scheduled Completion Date: May 2020

Project Objectives: The area selected for the proposed provision of flood protection arrangements was adversely affected during flood of 2010.The intended flood protection work aims at the protection of village abadies & other infrastructure along the right bank of Kabul river where the flood water had infringed and inflicted historical calamity in Nowshera district. Upon the provision of flood management structures, it is anticipated that a feeling of security among the locals would be established which in turn would provide an incentive in levitating the agricultural income and thus instrumental in elevating the living standards of the local inhabitant.

Social Benefits:  On completion of the project the inhabitants of the area will feel a sense of security & the socio-Economic condition of the locals would be improved.