Gumat Nar

Kabul 4
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Gumat Nar Hydropower Project


145 Km from Muzaffarabad City, in Tehsil Sharda, District Neelum, AJ & K.


AJ & K, Private Power Cell, HEB, AJ & K.


Production Capacity:

49.5 MW


Name of Stream:   

Surgon Nullah, a right bank tributary of Neelum River.

The site of the proposed Gumat Nar Hydropower project approximately 145 Km from Muzaffarabad lies in Tehsil Sharda of District Neelum. The site is accessible through Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam-Khel metaled road up to Sharda. From Sharda a jeep able track of about 10 Kilometers leads to the proposed powerhouse site near the confluence of two major tributaries of Surgon Nullah, i.e. Gumat Nar and Nuri Nar.