On Going Projects


Name of contract: Construction of Circular Bypass Road Bannu (Package I & II)
Value (Rs.) Million: 1150 Million
Start Date: Aug 2019
Completed: 5%
Scheduled completion date: Aug 2021

Project Objectives and benefits:
The Work consists of Subgrade Preparation in Earth Cut & Road Cut, Formation of Embankment from Roadway Excavation & Borrow Excavation, Roadway Excavation, Compaction of Natural Ground, Removal of Trees, Clearing & Grubbing, Asphaltic Base Course, Water Bound Macadam Base Course, Granular Sub Base Course using Pit Run Gravel, Double bituminous Surface Treatment, Asphaltic Wearing Course, Bituminous Tack Coat, Bituminous Prime Coat, Structural backfill using Common Material, Providing and Laying stone pitching / filling, Supply & fabricate M.S. reinforcement for cement concrete    (Grade 60), RCC in roof slab, beam, column & other structural members, insitu or precast, Plain Cement Concrete including placing, compacting, finishing & curing, Random rubble masonry, Steel Post of Metal Guard Rail, Road signs etc at Circular Bypass Road Bannu.



Name of contract: Raising of Baran Dam Project Bannu
Value (Rs.) Million: 3601.119 Million
Start Date: Dec 2018
Completed: 10%
Scheduled completion date: July 2022

Project Objectives and benefits:
Baran Dam is a multipurpose project aims at water storage, flood mitigation and power generation. The Project aims to regain / increase more than the original capacity of the existing dam tupto 100,000 acre-ft with the raising the height of dam by 7m and diversting Tochi River flows through Tochi-Baran Feeder Canal wich is designed for 1000 Cusecs.


Name of Contract: Construction of Protection Structure on R/S of Kabul River U/S and D/S Nowshera Mardan Road Bridge District Nowshera
Value (Rs.) Million: 2787.706
Date of Start: Oct 2016
Completed: 70%
Scheduled Completion Date: May 2020

Project Objectives: The area selected for the proposed provision of flood protection arrangements was adversely affected during flood of 2010.The intended flood protection work aims at the protection of village abadies & other infrastructure along the right bank of Kabul river where the flood water had infringed and inflicted historical calamity in Nowshera district. Upon the provision of flood management structures, it is anticipated that a feeling of security among the locals would be established which in turn would provide an incentive in levitating the agricultural income and thus instrumental in elevating the living standards of the local inhabitant.

Social Benefits:  On completion of the project the inhabitants of the area will feel a sense of security & the socio-Economic condition of the locals would be improved.



Name of Contract: Construction of Manchura Dam Project in District Mansehra
Value (Rs.) Million: 1415.63
Date of Start: Feb 2018
Scheduled Completion Date: Aug 2020

Project Objectives and Benefits:
The objective is to provide storage capacity of water,  to assured irrigation supply of land and uplift the livelihood of inhabitant by providing employment and business opportunities



Name of Contract: Flood Protection of Sialkot Against AIK Nullah (Package A)
Value (Rs.) Million: 690.675
Date of Start: May 2017
Completed: 70%
Scheduled Completion Date: Dec 2019

Project Objectives and Benefits:
The adaptation of this project will bring in substantial net benefit to Sialkot by reducing the flood damage. The project includes capacity enhancement, desilting and prism improvement works. Once completed , it will significantly improve the flood carrying capacity of the region.



Name of Contract: Diamer Basha Dam Project Contract CMV – II – 05 Construction of Diversion Works and Main Water Supply Line at Composite Model Village – II Near Chilas at Harpan Das
Value (Rs.) Million: 210.496
Date of Start: Aug 2015
Completed 100%
Scheduled completion date Sep 2019

Project Objectives and benefits:
Diamer Basha Dam is a multipurpose project aims at water storage, flood mitigation and power generation. The project will generate 4500 megawatt of electricity with annual energy generation of more than 18 billion units of low-cost and environment friendly electricity. With construction of Diamer Basha Dam Project, the life of Tarbela Dam will enhance to another 35 years.